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Aquair Water & Air Solutions

We Are The Water & Air Company!

Making Your Water Taste Great and the Air Clean


Benefit from the goodness of cleaner, better quality air and water with AquAir Water Company. We offer duct cleaning and water treatment services for your well-being.

The Local Advantage

Being a locally owned and operated business, we can help you quickly. When you call us, rest assured that you would be talking to our staff directly. Our reliable and trained team will provide effective solutions and offer their assistance. We’re proud to be a

 local business that can help in improving the health of our community. We handle all warranties right here.

Our Expertise

At AquAir Water Company, we prioritize the health and wellbeing of your family. Years of experience have revealed to us the harmful effects that contaminated water and air can have on the body. We provide a range of services to make sure each one of you has access to safe, clean water and air. Our services include:

        • Water treatment and purification
        • Water testing
        • Furnace/duct cleaning and installation
        • Boiler testing