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Clean drinking water and air are crucial for your well-being. AquAir Water Company installs water, furnace and duct systems in order to improve commercial as well as residential water and air quality. Clean and safe drinking water as well as improved air quality is not only beneficial for your health but can also help you save on energy bills. 

If you have a feeling that your water may not be the cleanest, give us a call. We offer waster-testing services for Columbia Valley residents to examine the quality of your water.

Our Expertise

  • Water treatment and purification
  • Furnace/duct cleaning


  • Water testing
  • Boiler testing

Importance of Testing Your Water

Water must be tested regularly to ensure that your water source is safe and free of pollutants. Testing your water’s pH, hardness, chemical and iron concentration, etc., is crucial to determine its level of safety. With the results of the test, treatments to combat any issue will be recommended to ensure the water is safe for consumption. Testing your water can also help you save money on expensive repairs as untreated hard water can damage your plumbing systems and machines.

Importance of Testing Indoor Air Quality

Pollutants found inside your home are just as harmful as those found outdoors. We often underestimate the value of breathing in good quality air. Unclean furnaces and filters often circulate allergens and dust which cause headaches, irritation and fatigue. 

When you breathe in clean air, you will find yourself feeling better physically and mentally. You will sleep more comfortably resulting in your body feeling energized the next morning. Have your furnace and ducts cleaned regularly by our staff!

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