Breathe Cleaner Air in the Columbia Valley with Furnace Cleaning Services

AquAir Water Company makes your water clean, crisp and—most importantly—safe. We install water softeners that will provide you with clear water for your healthy lifestyle. Taking the iron out of your water, softening it, will make your water the purest you have ever experienced.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

While you may keep your home clean at all times, you may often forget to maintain your furnace. A furnace acts as a magnet for duct, dirt and other allergens. When you don’t regularly clean your furnace, these allergens end up being circulated throughout your house. This could lead to health problems. An unclean furnace can also increase your energy bills as clogged filters prevent your home from being heated efficiently. Regular maintenance could also prevent expensive repairs.

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For furnace repairs and maintenance or installations, we recommend Diamond Heating.


Enjoy fresh, clean water at your home.

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