Water Softeners for Hard Water Treatment

AquAir Water Company makes your water clean, crisp and—most importantly—safe in Invermere. We install water softeners that will provide you with the clear water for your healthy life style. Taking the iron out of your water, softening it, will make your water the most pure you have ever experienced.

Benefits of Using Water Softeners

  • Protect your plumbing systems – Prevent expensive repairs of clogged pipes
  • Improved water flow – Lack of mineral deposits can increase water flow
  • Reduced utility bills – Your motor will be able to run smoother with the absence of clogged pipes
  • Softer skin and hair – Absence of calcium and magnesium will make your hair shinier and skin softer
  • Reduced cleaning – You’ll not have to deal with hard water stains
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes – Lack of mineral traces will make your clothes and dishes cleaner
  • Protect your equipment – Washing machines and dishwashers will last longer with soft water

For complete water purification, contact AquAir Water Company today